Is This a Battery Technology a Game Changer?

Scientists in China claim a game-changing development in batteries. The drawback of current lithium-ion batteries is safety. Although lithium-ion batteries are typically safe from fire unless severely damaged, cheaper “off-market” units have caused enough fires, resulting in proposed bans in some states.

Researchers in China created a “quasi-solid-state” battery that “significantly” reduces fire risk. It blends succinonitrile with a high dielectric constant and low flammability with such additives as triethyl phosphate (TEP) and fluoroethylene carbonate (FEC). The electrolytes dramatically increase safety and efficacy. TEP, with its flame-retardant properties, and FEC protects the battery, making it more stable and efficient.

Professor Cai-Zhen Zhu, a lead researcher on the project, said: “Our goal was not just to make lithium-ion batteries safer but also more efficient. By developing a non-flammable electrolyte that operates effectively at high voltages, we are paving the way for next-generation batteries.”

These types of breakthroughs will decrease the prices of everything from phones to EVs.

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