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Low-Cost DSP Development Platforms Accelerate Time to Market for Image Sensing and Advanced Audio Applications

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced today two low-cost Blackfin® processor-based development platforms targeting demanding ultra-low-power, real-time applications for image sensing and advanced audio. The Blackfin Low Power Imaging Platform (BLIP) leverages the ADSP-BF707 Blackfin processor as well as Analog Devices’ optimized software libraries for video occupancy sensing. The ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT Mini® development platform targets power-sensitive embedded applications from portable audio to sound processing and effects. Both platforms include a license for ADI’s latest CrossCore® Embedded Studio development tools and all hardware for real-time debug and development.


BLIP ADSP-BF707 Development Platform
The BLIP ADSP-BF707 is a small-form-factor development platform that offers end equipment manufacturers multiple functional profiles covering intelligent motion sensing, people counting, vehicle detection, and face detection use cases. The BLIP ADSP-BF707 platform includes an intuitive configuration GUI and enables real-time analysis of captured video, as well as video output/display through an on-board USB port. This makes it a highly valuable tool for product development and accelerating time to market. Additional key features include:

  • Advanced occupancy detection with optimized imaging modules and demos
  • ADSP-BF707 Blackfin processor with more than 1-Mbyte of internal SRAM and LPDDR support
  • On-board CMOS image sensors from Omnivision and Aptina
  • USB powered, complete with ICE-1000 and CrossCore Embedded Studio development tools

ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT Mini Development Platform
The ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT Mini development platform offers designers a complete, small-form-factor, low-cost starter platform with on-board, high-quality audio I/O, large internal SRAM and multiple connectivity options including USB. The platform leverages ADI’s optimized development tools and includes DSP Concepts’ graphical-based Audio Weaver® software tool to provide a full-featured audio module library with efficient code generation and profiling. Additional key features include:

  • Low-cost, ultra-low-power ADSP-BF706 Blackfin processor with an ADAU1761 audio codec
  • Multiple audio project options including use of Audio Weaver® as well as development with the Arduino-compatible interface
  • USB powered with on-board debug agent and CrossCore Embedded Studio development tools

Pricing and Availability

Development Platform Part Number Key Applications Availability Price
 Blackfin Low Power Imaging Platform (BLIP)  ADZS-BF707-BLIP2  Image Sensing April 2015  $199
 ADSP-BF706-EZ-KIT Mini  ADZS-BF706-EZMINI  Advanced Audio  NOW  $69

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