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MekaMon: a game-changing robot

Next level robotics controlled by your smartphone

UK-based company Reach Robotics has developed MekaMon, a gaming robot that weights only 2.2 pounds and can be played in the real world or in AR mode.

MekaMon is a multi-functional, connected battle-bot with AR gameplay, which conjoins the virtual and real world.

The robot has been in development for the last four years. As a result, it utilises AR for single-player campaigns, as well as streamlined communication for intense two-player combat.

Modes Available

  • Battle Mode

This is a two-player mode, Mek x Mek combat. The player has the ability to control their battle-bot through a smart device and perform a series of attacks stored in their selected AUG deck.

The player can build equipment or improve tools by taking their curated deck into battle and achieve an optimised tactical approach.

Furthermore, Battle Mode requires a tactical play style and agile reflexes in order to achieve peak performance.

  • AR Game Mode

This requires a single-player who performs the role of a wave-based defence shooter. The player’s responsibility is that of defending their base against swarms of AI enemies as they become more and more intelligent and skillful after every round.

The player’s goal is to find power-ups, defeat their enemies, and improve their ranking by unlocking new skills.

  • Arcade Mode

This mode offers classic, quick-start, and fun experiences. At its launch, Reach Robotics’ Asteroids-inspired AR space shooter, Meteoroids, will be available to play.

The gaming robot enables fluid, agile, and lifelike motion, due to its three degrees of movement in each of its four legs.

MekaMon features four IR sensors to monitor movement and predict attacks from other MekaMon battle-bots. The sensors can also detect real-world obstacles during battle.

The robot is fully modular, with seven ports for customisable hardware upgrades.

MekaMon is available through the Apple stores and via the developer’s website.

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