ON Semiconductor and AfterMaster Audio Labs to Release Revolutionary Audio Chip

PHOENIX, Ariz. –ON Semiconductor (NASDAQ: ON), driving energy efficient innovations, announced today the release of BelaSigna 300® AM with , an industry-leading audio technology company based in Hollywood, CA, a subsidiary of Studio One Media Inc. (OTCQB:SOMD). The new BelaSigna 300 AM digital signal processing (DSP) chip embedded with AfterMaster technology is a ground-breaking audio solution that will dramatically enhance the listening experience on any consumer device.“We have worked for over six years to perfect AfterMaster’s technology, with the goal of truly redefining the sound experience for everyone,” says Larry Ryckman, Co-Founder and CEO of AfterMaster. “The difference between traditional digital audio and AfterMaster is dramatic. Any device with a BelaSigna 300 AM chip installed will produce a caliber of audio that has never previously been available to the consumer.”

Developed by AfterMaster Audio Labs in conjunction with ON Semiconductor, BelaSigna 300 AM can be easily installed by manufacturers to provide incredible sound in any device with audio capabilities. With its miniature size, WLCSP packaging, and low power usage; even small electronics such as headphones and smartphones can leverage the AfterMaster HD processing technology, eliminating the need for large or expensive hardware redesigns.

“It has been exciting to work on this project with AfterMaster,” said Robert Tong, Vice President of the Medical & Wireless Products Division at ON Semiconductor. “We pride ourselves on our industry-leading audio processing technology and are eager to offer a product that will enhance the audio experience across consumer devices.”

The chip will operate at 4 mA from a 1.8 V source while running AfterMaster HD’s algorithms to offer high-fidelity, studio-quality sound to audio-enabled devices and services, including televisions, headphones, speakers, mobile devices, streaming services and more. Using real-time mastering and re-mastering processing technology as well as proprietary Adaptive Intuitive Response™ mechanisms, AfterMaster HD preserves original sound quality while introducing greater depth, clarity and richness to any listening experience.

Product distribution of BelaSigna 300 AM with AfterMaster HD will be available through ON Semiconductor’s global channel and distribution network. For pricing information, please contact your local ON Semiconductor sales office. More information including documentation and development tools is available at www.onsemi.com/belasigna.

For more information on AfterMaster audio technology visit www.AfterMasterHD.com

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