Side exit CROWN CLIP Junior power cable assemblies

Connectivity and Sensors provider, TE Connectivity (TE), has introduced its new side exit CROWN CLIP Junior power cable assemblies, which can deliver 50% space savings and significantly improve design flexibility over traditional bus bar cable assemblies.

By using a side exit for the power cables, this solution minimizes the need to bend cables when routing them beyond the center of the server, switch or storage enclosure.

By creating more space inside the enclosure, the side exit cables allow for more design options, thereby helping to overcome the challenges of designing in high density applications. In addition, special cable-to-contact termination allows for use of larger wire sizes and multiple wire gauge combinations, enabling transmission of currents up to 200A. Cable assemblies can be customized for multiple power distribution solutions.

Pat Di Paola, Product Manager at TE Connectivity, commented: “TE’s side exit CROWN CLIP Junior technology helps save precious space inside data center equipment designs and thus helps enable the higher density that next-generation systems demand. It’s a compelling new option for designers looking to increase power and flexibility while reducing the required space to route power distribution.”

Source TE Connectivity,
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