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Smart cooking with Drop, the smart scale

Cups to spoons, millimeters to grams, this smart kitchen scale takes the calculations out of cooking.

Drop has a recalibration function which allows culinary artists, bold bakers and novice cooks to scale recipes to suit what ingredients they have in the cupboard, without having to waste time working out the measurements.  Drop allows bakers to tailor recipes to suit their needs, with the ability to add simple substitutions for ingredients.

With no cables, the wireless scale has a low energy battery life of one year, convenient for a cooking environment.


The Drop connected kitchen scale connects wirelessly to the innovative ‘Drop’ recipe app, guiding home cooks step-by-step through the process of finding, making and sharing their creations.

The free-to-download app is compatible for, both iPhone, and iPad. The app gives users instant access to an online community from across 116 countries, where they are able to share and access recipes from others.

Food and gadgets enthusiasts will be transformed into master-chefs, star-bakers and cocktail-makers using this smart kitchen scale.



The app weighs an ingredient as it is dropped into the bowl and progresses to the next step once the user has added enough. It weighs ingredients in ounces or grams—from a fraction of a teaspoon to just over 6 kilograms—and a touch button on the scale allows users to interact with the app without having to tap their iPads with floury fingers.

Recipes are matched with enticing photographs, and users are led through each step of the process, receiving handy photo and video tips from the app along the way.

Ben Harris, co-founder and CEO of Drop said:

“By understanding how our community is using the app, we’re able to continually make improvements. Simply by listening and responding to our customers, we’re able to make the kind of changes our users want to see. This also allows us to expand into other categories. We started with baking content, before moving into more savory items, then to juices and smoothies and most recently, cocktails.”

The Drop Kitchen recipe app is available for download today from the Apple App Store here.

The Drop scale is available UK-wide at Lakeland stores for £79.99. Drop is also available from the online Apple store, Lakeland online, Amazon, and the official Drop site.

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