Temperature uniformity achieved by next gen thermal warpage

The next gen Shadow Moiré System – the AXP 2.0, has been announced by Akrometrix, a provider of thermal warpage and strain metrology equipment to both the front- and back-end semiconductor and electronics industries.

Akrometrix has been supplying thermal warpage systems for more than 20 years utilizing the shadow moiré technique and has now developed its next gen AXP which provides unparalleled warpage metrology with lateral/top-bottom temperature uniformity. This AXP 2.0 has optional modules for both DIC strain/CTE measurements and DFP for discontinuous surfaces. Utilizing a novel combination of both top and bottom heaters with shadow moiré, Akrometrix is providing temperature uniformity previously unattainable in the industry on a flexible/configurable platform.


Mayson Brooks, Akrometrix’s CEO states: “The significant engineering expertise at Akrometrix has enabled us to develop this next generation system for warpage metrology that will meet our customers’ technology needs today and for the next several years. With the uniformity improvements, along with a wide range of other developments, the AXP 2.0 is well positioned to maintain Akrometrix’s market leader position of providing quick, timely and innovative solutions for our customers’ warpage metrology demands.”

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