This Arduino-based machine makes cocktails inspired by recent Tweets

If going to the bar and having the usual is getting boring, consider a Data Cocktail for a beverage that’s inspired by recent Twitter activity.

(Image via Data Cocktail)
(Image via Data Cocktail)

Data Cocktail was inspired by a project resulting from a 2014 workshop whose theme was to create tangible representations of data through other senses than sight. What evolved was a machine that searches for the six latest Tweets around the world that mentions one of the ingredients that is available in the machine. The different Tweets dictate which ingredients will go into any given cocktail.

The system gathers cocktail ingredients from Twitter hashtags or simple words within Tweets. For example, it may pick up the word “chocolate” or “#rabbit”. Interestingly enough, the only word that the system can’t process is “Twitter”.

(Image via Data Cocktail)
(Image via Data Cocktail)

Data Cocktail can use up to six different ingredients, which correspond to six different Tweets. However, its makers think that it has the potential to hold even more ingredients and gather information from even more Tweets.

The Data Cocktail robotic bartender is based on a modified Zumo frame, an Arduino Pro, a Motor Shield and a Bluetooth module, along with solenoid valves and LEDs.

A cocktail can take up to one minute to concoct and even comes equipped with a printed recipe so it can be repeated later. And once the cocktail is complete, Once the cocktail mix is realized, Data Cocktail’s Twitter account will thank the accounts that have, without even knowing it, helped create it.

Currently, the device only produces cocktails based on Tweets, however, the Data Cocktail team alludes to future projects on its website.

Watch it in action.


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