This light bulb wants to protect your home from burgulars

I’m not sure if you’d want to ditch your current home security system, but there is another alternative to burglar deterrents hitting the market today.

A company called ComfyLight AG has launched an LED light bulb that tricks burglars into thinking that you are home when you’re not. The bulb learned how you and your family move around and then simulates that behavior when you’re out of the house.


The ComfyLight creators wanted to make sure it always appeared that someone was home, making users a less attractive target for intruders.

The light bulb works in conjunction with a smartphone app that lets users stay connected to their home, even when they’re out.  The light lets you know which members of your family are home as well.

The bulb detects motion in a room and then sends a notification if something is out of place. It also automatically warns neighbors and attempts to scare off intruders by flashing rapidly.

When you are at home, ComfyLight offers automatic lighting, switching the soft white LED light on and off as you walk in and out of a room.


“Our research into the Internet of Things at the University of St. Gallen gave us valuable insights into the smart home market,” said Stefanie Turber, CEO and Co-­Founder of ComfyLight. “We were unable to find a security solution that gives homeowners and tenants peace of mind. Conventional systems don’t trigger an alarm until the burglary has already happened – they don’t proactively protect the home. Plus, installation is often quite complex.”

Just last month ComfyLight made an appearance at CES 2016, where it won a CES Innovation Award.

The company has now launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $55,000 to put ComfyLight into production. If you’re interested, the first 300 applicants can purchase the ComfyLight at a discounted price of $65.

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