UK Government Takes British Battery Expertise to US

With the global demand for increasingly efficient battery storage solutions continuing to soar, ten innovative UK battery technology and electric vehicle supply chain developers will demonstrate how the UK is leading the world in battery technology development on the UK Government Pavilion in North America next month.

The Pavilion (stand 2545), managed by the Advanced Propulsion Center (APC), will feature as one of the highlights at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan, from 10th to 12th September. Featuring a variety of cutting-edge battery and electric vehicle technologies that are being developed in the UK, exhibitors on the Pavilion will showcase how they can help vehicle manufacturers around the world improve their energy efficiency and power storage capabilities.

“Not only is Great Britain a global leader in battery and electric vehicle development, but we have also developed a solid reputation as an attractive place for overseas companies to come and do business,” explained Ian Constance, CEO, Advanced Propulsion Center. “As well as showcasing some of the very latest battery and electric vehicle technology that has been developed in the UK, visitors to the show will be able to discuss how they can collaborate and partner with UK companies, who themselves are benefiting from large-scale government investment and world-class academic research.”

Among the products on show will be lightweight fuel cells specifically designed for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles to give longer flight times, sodium-ion cells which have achieved a new world record for power density, and a new high charge rate battery pack that makes 48V mild hybridization an attractive and commercially viable option due to significant savings in weight, package space and cost.

In addition to the technologies on show, representatives from the APC and other pavilion members will be participating in the event’s conference, presenting a wide range of ideas that are crucial to every stage of the advanced battery supply chain.

The full list of companies participating on the UK pavilion at The Battery Show are as follows:

  • AMTE Power – Works with research groups and inventors to help prove chemistry in the earlier stages of development and aid with design for manufacture.
  • AVID Technology – Design and manufacturer of electrified powertrain and advanced thermal management systems.
  • Faradion – Is a specialist in non-aqueous sodium-ion batteries.
  • HV Wooding – A manufacturing solutions partner.
  • Integral Powertrain – Supplier of ultra-performance electric drive systems.
  • Intelligent Energy – Is a fuel cell engineering company focused on the development and commercialization of its PEM fuel cell technologies.
  • Mahle Powertrain – Specializes in the design, development and integration of internal combustion engines and electrified powertrain systems.
  • Potenza – Specialist in the electric and hybrid electrical vehicle systems, Potenza specializes in battery management systems, systems integration and control and safety engineering.
  • Sunamp – Sunamp develops and manufactures compact, highly efficient advanced thermal storage technologies.
  • Faraday – The Faraday Battery Challenge which will invest £274 million over four years aims to create a new generation of batteries that are cost-effective, durable, safer, of lower weight and recyclable.
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