US Patent for Cloud-to-Flash Electronic Security Solution

NanoLock Security has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent No. 15,756,760 for its security system for solid-state electronics. NanoLock Security’s proprietary technology is a complete solution for the protection and management of connected edge devices and systems for key industries like telecom, smart cities, infrastructure, and automotive.

NanoLock Security has a unique cloud-to-flash embedded device security approach that blocks hackers from manipulating the IoT software of connected and edge devices by creating a secure channel between the cloud and the hardware-root-of-trust in the flash memory of edge devices. This enables ironclad protection from the cloud to the flash memory, regardless of the status of the network, the status of the processor, or the software version installed in the flash.

NanoLock’s customers can choose when they want to turn on protection to shield the memory of the device; from that point on, no one – not even those with physical access to the device, including insiders – can modify the behavior of the device or its stored information. By protecting firmware and sensitive information stored on connected IoT devices, NanoLock prevents a variety of attacks (ranging from ransomware to malicious manipulation of stored code) all the way from the production line to the device’s end-of-life.

Nitzan Daube, NanoLock Security CTO, said: “Our patented technology stands as the last line of defense to protect connected edge devices against hackers even when all other methods fail. Our unique reliance on the flash memory of a device instead of the processor offers a way to more closely manage and mitigate cyberattacks by creating a secure channel for devices that can receive updates via the cloud—rather than via hardware or software patches.

“We have dedicated significant resources to the IP of this solution, and this patent issuance further validates that our technology is a unique way to solve a growing problem of cybersecurity for the IoT.”

The recently issued patent covers NanoLock’s security solution for solid-state electronics. The patent is part of a vast IP portfolio from NanoLock Security. With those patents, NanoLock intends to continue building partnerships with leading flash memory vendors and grow its commercialized deployments with customers.

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