Usability is Key for AR to Succeed at AWE USA

The AR-interaction and UX-specialist Crunchfish will demonstrate the importance of efficient interaction in AR glasses at AWE USA in Santa Clara, May 29th to 31st, hoping to set a new standard for AR user experience. Crunchfish will be at booth 843, discussing the possibilities of touchless gesture interaction and contextual awareness.

So far, AR projects have focused on technology to provide the AR experience rather than methods that allow users to better engage with the content. It is crucial to include the user experience to secure confidence in AR and avoid project failure. Crunchfish has in its new interaction solution used UX-experience from projects during the last 8 years resulting in a cutting edge and user-friendly interaction solution for AR.

At AWE USA in Santa Clara Crunchfish will demonstrate several solutions increasing the usability and security when using AR glasses.

Gesture Interaction: One Gesture Concept

Touchless gesture interaction lets you engage with AR devices and environments in a direct way, making interactions more fluid and immersive.

In Crunchfish’s One gesture concept, a pointer tracks the hand and a pinch-gesture is used to activate the different functions in the AR glasses. Examples of functions to control are zoom, drag & drop objects, and draw in the AR-view.

XR-tracking 2.0

With a full 3D experience XR-tracking 2.0 enables a powerful interaction using a standard 2D RGB camera. On top of that there are a lot of updates in underlying algorithms, which will be obvious when it is tried out.
Crunchfish have visualized all the bells and whistles in a mobileAR demo that can be experienced in the Crunchfish booth 843.

iOS Support and Gestures for Unity developers

Crunchfish’s latest touchless interaction software supports iOS as well as Android, and Crunchfish have now also added a more advanced Unity API to the benefit for our developers.

Increased Information Security in AR

The new Crunchfish solution tackles the information security issues when using AR glasses by offering a smooth pinch-click solution for entering the pin code when using AR glasses.

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