Watch: Bioengineering Student Builds His Own Prosthetic Arm Out of LEGO

Nineteen-year-old bioengineering student, David Aguilar, has built his fourth version of his own prosthetic arm — out of LEGO.  Aguilar, who goes by the name “Hand Solo” on YouTube, “wanted to … see myself in the mirror like I see other guys, with two hands,” according to an interview with Reuters.

His prosthetic limb, which he launched under the name MK-I was built a year ago and has since undergone a variety of Lego revamps, including jets and construction vehicles. He has even managed to make them battery-operated.

Aguilar’s goal is not only to possess his own functional prosthetic limb but also to build affordable prostheses for those in need.

Check out his YouTube channel to watch the evolution.

Source Reuters
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