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Workshops Offer Insights into Future Automotive Megatrends


Ricardo is launching a new concept in bespoke, confidential company workshops targeted at those wishing to equip their organisation to most effectively compete and succeed in the automotive supply chain of the future.

The new Automotive Trends workshops will be delivered either online or in person at the customer’s site, by two of Ricardo Strategic Consulting’s team of industry specialists. Topics covered will include megatrends and market drivers, the likely legislative, policy and commercial industry responses, consumer and market trends, the impact of intelligent technologies, supply chain effects and the possible future unknowns.

The content of the workshop will be adapted to meet specific needs and interests of the client and can be delivered over either a half or full day, with an electronic copy of materials provided. Depending on where the client is positioned within the supply chain, the insights provided will help in understanding how likely future evolution up or down stream will impact both day-to-day business operations as well as longer term growth prospects.

The workshop is likely to be of particular interest to suppliers of materials, components and sub-systems to the automotive industry, which will benefit commercially from gaining insights and awareness of trends likely to impact their business in future years. It is also likely to be of value to automotive industry investors and regulators who wish to understand the likely future evolution of structure and commercial dynamics of the automotive sector.

Simon Arbuthnot, regional director Europe, Ricardo Strategic Consulting, said: “The automotive industry and wider mobility sector is undergoing a process of profound and fundamental change. Against the backdrop of increasingly stringent emissions regulations and policy objectives of achieving net zero carbon, innovation is unlikely to be restricted to the deployment of a single ‘silver bullet’ solution.

“The automotive ecosystem is likely to be far more complex in both the range of technologies deployed and the mobility products and services offered. For these reasons I believe that our new bespoke Automotive Trends workshops will be extremely attractive to those requiring independent and objective insights into the likely future of the automotive industry.”

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