How Artificial Intelligence Transforms Aviation

  On this episode of The eeDesignIt Podcast we chat with Sal Salman, CTO, Synaptic Aviation to discuss artificial intelligence, machine learning, the aviation industry, and the future. Buckle up for a futuristic (and practical) conversation that focuses on the aviation industry’s need for information. Whether it’s information when the airplane is up in the air, when it’s being landed, when it’s on the runway, or when it’s taxiing, information is vital for the industry. It helps strategize for the future and it helps reduce costs– one of the biggest main concerns is cost cutting cost savings, especially nowadays where the price of oil is just through the roof.

About Sal
Sal Salman is CTO of Synaptic Aviation, a new revolutionary Artificial intelligence (AI) technology providing cutting edge, unprecedented visibility into ground operations for the aviation industry. An early adopter of Ai applications understanding the best way to automate with precision is through machine learning, Sal has spent over 18 years as a forward-thinking entrepreneur specializing in Automation, Web Applications, Software, and Artificial Intelligence (Ai). Holding an MBA and MS in Computer Science and leading his team across new innovations, Sal Salman shares his insights and knowledge by giving lectures on ways to automate processes in preparation for tomorrow’s challenges. Sal holds an M.B.A and an M.S. in Computer Science and resides in Miami, Florida.

More about Synaptic Aviation:

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