Fiber Broadband with High Density PON OLT MAC

Broadcom has announced the availability of its BCM68650 family of optical line termination (OLT) PON MAC devices. With up to sixteen XGS-PON, NGPON-2, or 10GEPON interfaces, the BCM68650 offers broadband equipment suppliers an ideal platform to build new 10G OLT systems with exceptional density and power efficiency.

Designed to support deployments based on all recent 10G PON standards, the BCM68650 becomes the first commercially available merchant silicon solution optimized for the highest density 10G PON OLT’s.

As telecom operators look to deploy 10G PON technology to bring higher bandwidth broadband services to homes and businesses, having a solution that matches the density of existing GPON deployments is key to driving mass market adoption of 10G PON. The BCM68650 supports up to 16 10G PON interfaces suited for high density OLT line cards.

Coupled with a power-efficient architecture, the high integration of the device minimizes OLT power consumption and operating expenses. And to ensure flexibility for incremental 10G deployments, the BCM68650 also supports the coexistence of 1G, 2.5G, and 10G PON networks served from a common OLT trunk fiber. With these capabilities, system vendors can now design an optimized solution for virtually any 10G PON requirement.

Also shipping with the BCM68650 is Broadcom’s latest OLT line card development suite, the Broadband Adaptation Layer (BAL). This comprehensive environment provides a simple, standards-based programming interface and data model of the PON network, greatly simplifying the OLT software architecture.

By architecting BAL around standardized data models, the BCM68650 also functions as a key building block for the new class of open ‘white-box’ OLT solutions, offering operators yet another competitive OLT alternative.

With a combination of density, power efficiency, and rich software environment, the BCM68650 is ideally suited to accelerate the rollout of 10G PON broadband services.

BCM68650 Product Highlights

  • Up to 16 ports of XGS-PON, NG-PON2 or 10G EPON interfaces.
  • Extensive support for multi-PON co-existence allowing operators to seamlessly introduce 10G PON on top of their existing PON services.
  • Comprehensive line card software development environment via the Broadband Adaptation Layer, speeding time to market with a ready-built OLT management interface.

Seungdong Lee, Chief Technology Officer of DASAN Zhone Solutions, commented: “We are excited with the release of the BCM68650 family, in our view an optimal platform for XGSPON/NGPON2 mass deployment. The BCM68650, with its combination of versatility, performance and scale, will be a critical element in the long-term development of our industry-leading 10G PON solutions.”

Greg Fischer, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Broadband Carrier Access Products Division at Broadcom, said: “The BCM68650 showcases Broadcom’s industry-leading commitment to investment in the newest fiber broadband infrastructure. With its unequaled capability to deliver the density that OLT operators require, along with an open and comprehensive software development environment, we expect the BCM68650 will make a dramatic impact in the appeal of near-term deployment in 10G fiber broadband.”

Broadcom is now sampling its BCM68650 device to qualified customers.

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