IXYS 60 A high-power laser diode drivers

IXYS Corporation announced the introduction of the PCX-7500-LIV and PCX-7500-LIV-EX high-power laser diode driver/current sources by its IXYS Colorado division. These instruments provide precision pulsed current with accurate microprocessor-based digital power control.

Ixys PCX-7500 LThe PCX-7500-LIV is an air-cooled, benchtop current source designed to drive laser diodes, bars and arrays at up to 60 amperes of current, 110 volts maximum forward voltage and 1 kilowatt maximum output power. Pulse widths are adjustable from less than 20 microseconds at 10 amps to less than 200 microseconds at 1 amp. The PCX-7500-LIV is ideal for research, laboratory, scientific and industrial applications.

The PCX-7500-LIV model is a stand-alone instrument that includes an internal diode compliance voltage power supply. The PCX-7500-LIV-EX model is comparable in current pulse specifications to the PCX-7500-LIV, but requires an input DC power supply up to 125 volts to provide the diode compliance voltage. The flexibility of this configuration allows the user to drive laser diodes over a broad range of compliance voltages with a single PCX-7500-LIV unit, from single diodes to large multi-diode arrays.

Utilizing one of several communication choices that are standard with the PCX-7500-LIV, users can easily develop automated testing and characterization configurations that can be stored in the instrument’s on-board memory. It may also be operated through its intuitive front panel controls. Its color QVGA LCD display provides immediate visual confirmation of all operating parameters.

PCX-7500-LIV Features:

  • Output current from 0 amperes to 60 amperes
  • Rise and fall times less than 10 microseconds
  • Pulse widths from 4 microseconds to 5,000 microseconds
  • Ability to drive both single diodes and arrays (forward voltages up to 110 volts depending on model)
  • Diode and driver safety features, including overcurrent limit, open-load detection and diode steering (prevents reverse current)
  • Simplified operation with intuitive touch screen interface
  • Ethernet, USB and RS232 computer interfaces standard
  • CE and RoHS compliant

“The PCX-7500-LIV builds on the proven design of the PCX-7500 to provide a broader range of operating parameters and design flexibility,” said Stephen Krausse, General Manager of IXYS Colorado. “This driver leverages decades of IXYS Colorado design and the power integration experience of our parent company, IXYS Corporation, with its advanced power MOS device technology, to deliver one of the highest power, most user-friendly drivers available on the market today.”

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