IXYS Introduces Higher Current 6kV Diode For Megawatt Power Applications


IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS), an international power and IC semiconductor company, today announced that its wholly owned UK subsidiary, IXYS UK Westcode Ltd., introduced a new 4200 ampere, 6000 volt pressure contact rectifier diode in a fully hermetic ceramic package with copper electrodes.

This new device, which is suited to applications in the high megawatts, represents an extension of the maximum voltage offered by IXYS for very large rectifier diodes. The new 83mm die device has an average current rating of 4205 amperes at a heat sink temperature of 55 degrees Celsius and a surge current rating of 50,000 amperes. The fully hermetic package has a 75mm electrode contact diameter with an industry standard overall diameter of 112 mm. Its construction uses a new improved process, when compared to IXYS’ earlier high current rectifier diode designs, with the silicon die directly bonded to a metallic disc. This structure offers both improved transient thermal conditions and overall greater robustness when compared to designs with free floating silicon.

“This new device offers the possibility for reducing series parallel combination in very high megawatt rectifier applications, reducing component count and simplifying the mechanical construction,” commented Frank Wakeman, IXYS UK’s Marketing and Technical Support Manager.

The new device is available in an industry standard 26mm and 35mm thick packages and three voltage grades. Designations are: 26mm thick packages, W4205TJ520 (Vrrm 5200V), W4205TJ560 (Vrrm 5600V) and W4205TJ600 (Vrrm 6000V) and 35mm thick packages, W4205TE520 (Vrrm 5200V), W4205TE560 (Vrrm 5600V) and W4205TE600 (Vrrm 6000V)

The 6kV voltage rating is ideal where 3kV DC output is required. Typical applications include traction rectifiers and substations, front end rectification for medium voltage drives and all rectifier applications requiring devices in this power rating.

For data sheet please go to the IXYS UK website at www.ixysuk.com or contact IXYS UK at (email: [email protected]) or telephone: +44 (0)1249 444524 for quotation.

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