Motion device transforms your couch into an immersive movie experience

If you were wondering how to transform ordinary movies or video games into an interactive 4D experience, French start-up, Immersit, has you covered with a plug-and-play device that hooks up to your couch and brings the action on your television to life.

Imagine you’re watching a movie and pilots are flying in the air, dodging bullets. Now imagine your couch is moving with the motion of film so that you actually feel like you’re doing it too.

Immersit user watching TV. (Image via Immersit/YouTube)
Immersit user watching TV. (Image via Immersit/YouTube)

The Immersit device can be installed under your couch to generate movement patterns and vibrations, which range from explosive to subtle: pitches, rolls, back and forth motions, side to side motions, and up and down movements.
The directional movements are combined with intelligent vibrations and an adjustable intensity to create an experience which lets users’ movies and games comes to life — think explosions and sharp turns.

Of course the technology isn’t new. Four-dimensional simulated experiences exist in museums, theme parks, and gaming venues, but they’ve never made their way to anyone’s living room (without breaking the bank, that is).

According to Immersit, the idea behind the device is”to keep this level of [4D] sensations with an easy to use device, that is autonomous, intelligent and totally adaptable to your living space … your couch.”

The company created the gadget last year and it was showcased at CES 2016 early in January, within the Eureka Park segment which introduces up-and-coming technology.

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production. For a limited time, those interested in purchasing Immersit can do so at early-bird rates under $800.

If you’re skeptical, check out one of the company’s videos below, which demonstrates the vibrational technology within the device. You can also watch additional demonstrations of the couch in action on the company’s website.

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