Multi-Sensor System Intro by CEA-Leti Positions Knee Implants

For me, the proverbial handwriting is on the wall. I will need a knee replacement, so find anything to do with knee surgery particularly interesting. CEA-Leti is introducing a smart, integrated multi-sensor system for knee implants at CES to help surgeons more accurately position implants, dramatically reducing risk and enhancing rehab.

FollowKnee integrates a deformation sensor, a pH sensor, a temperature sensor, and an accelerometer in a titanium tibial baseplate. The deformation sensor and accelerometer guide the surgeon. The pH sensor connects with living tissue (an industry first). It and temperature sensors detect infection early, and the deformation sensor and accelerometer also trigger an alert if they detect mechanical problems, such as any loosening of the implant. The sensors help physiotherapists adapt therapy for knee-implant recipients.

The system also includes the first low-power deformation sensor in a biocompatible system with highly compact electronics powered via inductive coupling. Surgeons can also use the technology for hip and shoulder replacements.

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