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Night vision revolutionized

Remember the grainy, snow-like qualities of old night vision? Researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) developed new technology that allows for clear sight in the dark, virtually revolutionizing night-vision. Using first-of-its-kind thin film, based on nanoscale crystals, the technology transforms infrared light, normally invisible to the human eye, the dramatically improved night vision has applications in defense, as well as safer night driving at night and walking.

The new night vision solution, described in a new article published in Advanced Photonics, is ultra-compact and one day could work on standard glasses.

The very thin film, consisting of nanometer-scale crystals, is hundreds of times thinner than a human hair. It is extremely lightweight, low cost and easy to mass produce, making it accessible to everyday users. The technology also works at room temperature.

Original Release: Eureka Alert

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