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Papalook Introduces BM1 Full 1080P HD Baby Monitor

Papalook has announced the launch of its cute, bear-shaped BM1 Full HD pan, tilt and zoom baby monitor. Featuring two-way audio, night vision, lullaby mode, temperature sensor, noise detection and playback recording, the device is available from Amazon for $139.99.

The Papalook BM1 camera uses a Full HD 1080P high-resolution video camera and a premium lens, which pans 355° and also tilts 160° to capture all corners in a room including the floor to ceiling for fantastic full room coverage. The camera also features a two times digital zooming ability to take a closer look in the cot if required. The accompanying monitor also includes a five-inch screen to see everything in great detail.

Thanks to the intelligent sensor, which is able to see both day and night, the BM1 can work at night with low light levels and will switch to night vision mode automatically in the dark, delivering black and white video.

If the baby wakes, or if the user needs to talk to someone in the baby’s room, the BM1 monitor and camera come with high-quality microphones and speakers for clear two-way audio to soothe the baby back to sleep. With its noise detection feature to pick up any sudden noises in the baby’s room, parents can rest assured that they can hear everything in the baby’s room at all times.

The radio emitter on the BM1 has an active range of 900 feet meaning it can be connected to the monitor even if it is on the other side of the house, so the baby is always being monitored safely. The little tail behind the BM1’s bear-shaped camera is the temperature sensor which has the ability to rotate 355° with the base, allowing it to detect the room’s temperature in real-time, ensuring the baby is comfortable.

The BM1 is able to support recording with a slot for a Class 4 TF card up to 256GB (not included) on the monitor to capture any funny moments and share with family and friends or simply to document the baby’s growth process.

If the baby is struggling to sleep or needs further entertaining in its room, the BM1 is also able play up to eight popular lullabies which are all included on the device, including the alphabet song and Hayao Miyazaki’s light music.

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