Demand For Touchless Technologies Drives Far-Field Market

The demand for touchless technology is driving the far-field algorithm market, but cost trade-offs mean fewer microphones and more bundled solutions, according to expert analysis by SAR Insight & Consulting.

The latest report from the market analyst—‘Far-Field Voice Enhancement: Market Growth, Technology Trends, Ecosystem and Competitive Analysis’—explores end-product design challenges and market opportunities, as well as other technologies required to increase accuracy of far-field voice enhancement.

“Total units shipped using far-field are expected to increase significantly to 2025, globally,” the report’s author Kian Rayment said. “The total market will exhibit around 9% CAGR between 2020 and 2025.”

“In addition to a plethora of new use cases, we are seeing a large increase in the use of far-field voice enhancement in smart appliances, exhibiting around 32% CAGR between 2020 and 2025.

“The rapid growth of digital assistant-enabled devices is driving the need for far-field enhancement, but additional voice enhancement algorithms are needed—such as barge-in, beamforming and noise suppression—to guarantee the performance. The COVID-19 pandemic is an additional driver for far-field technology due to the obvious hygiene benefits of touchless technology.”

The latest report from SAR Insight and Consulting breaks the market down into its component parts, highlights the key vendors, and provides relevant market forecasts.

“We are following many emerging trends in this market, such as AI analytics and battery powered devices accompanying the move from cloud to edge processing,” Rayment said. “It is interesting to see how available solutions can reduce BOM and significantly speed up time to market.”

These findings are from SAR Insight & Consulting’s recently published study on ‘Far-Field Voice Enhancement: Market Growth, Technology Trends, Ecosystem and Competitive Analysis,’ which is published as part of its Voice Software and Algorithms service.

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