Australian Space Consortium Leverages Quantum Tech

Q-CTRL announced that it will provide the first quantum sensing and navigation technologies for space exploration beginning with unmanned lunar missions by Australia’s SEVEN SISTERS space industry consortium. These missions will begin in 2023 with a goal of finding accessible water and other resources in support of NASA’s Artemis program to land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024.

Q-CTRL and Fleet Space Technologies are developing quantum technologies in coordination with Fleet Space Technologies. Key applications are remote detection of liquid water and mineral deposits through quantum-based gravity detection and magnetic field sensors. Quantum-enhanced precision navigation and timing (PNT) will also provide guidance for long-endurance missions with limited telemetry contact.

The use of autonomous quantum sensors in space exploration is expected to be invaluable in leveraging extraterrestrial resources when establishing permanent bases on the Moon and Mars.

The use of quantum control is enabling small form factors, enhanced robustness, and the necessary autonomy to meet the rigors of unmanned space applications. Q-CTRL plans to leverage its work with the space consortium to offer commercial applications of geospatial intelligence for defense, finance, and climate change mitigation.

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