Video of the Day: Human-robot teams fix fusion reactor issues

Watch humans and robots work together at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE) in the UK to fix fusion reactor problems.

The giant robot arms used here do not operate autonomously. Instead they are controlled by humans each step of the way to navigate areas inside of fusion reactor areas that are unsafe for humans. These areas are not obviously dangerous, but contain high levels of toxic beryllium and low-level radioactive chemicals that could potentially harm humans continuously exposed.

CCFE is the UK’s national laboratory for fusion research based in Oxfordshire, owned and operated by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.

The researchers in the lab conduct experiments with nuclear fusion, the process that powers the Sun, which can play big part in a carbon-free energy future. The teams work with partners around the globe to develop fusion as a new source of cleaner energy for tomorrow’s power stations.

The fusion program also hosts the world’s largest magnetic fusion experiment, JET (Joint European Torus), on behalf of its European partners.

Video via Tom Scott/ Culham Centre for Fusion Energy


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