Video of the Day: World’s fastest electric skateboard reaches 60 mph

A man named Mischo Erban has set a new world record for the fastest speed achieved on an electric skateboard, reaching 59.55 mph on a modified longboard.

(Image via Guinness World Records)
(Image via Guinness World Records)

The record was achieved at Portorož airport in Piran, Slovenia, on a NEXTBoard developed by a start-up called Next Generation Vehicles (NGV).

Erban’s NEXTBoard comes equipped with four-wheel-drive and is powered by four Scorpion motors and two Tattu 6S batteries. It takes about an hour and a half to charge with a range of about six to nine miles.

 This NEXTBoard  was developed by engineers from the company who found a 13-lb computer hard drive that contained a motor inside — a motor that would be perfect to power a longboard.
After the record was achieved, the NEXTBoard’s creators decided to create a racing competition that would use electric longboards.
 “Events could be organised on large flat grounds anywhere in the world – take for example a parking lot of a shopping  mail. With riders on NEXTBoards the show would bring the excitement of the ski or windsurfing World Cup events straight into the city. And the speed of downhill longboarding… or F1 one racing,” said Erban, to Guinness World Records.
Watch the Erban set the record in the video below. Don’t worry about the crash, he still set the record!

Story and video via Guinness World Records.


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