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What Is Robotic Vision And Why Does It Matter?

Robotics technology has become an integral part of human life. This technology can play a pivotal role in transforming the way many large-scale industries work.

Moreover, it can make human life more comfortable by enhancing safety as well as inducing efficiency in various sectors. The field of robotics is conveniently filling the gap between the physical and digital worlds – and robotic vision is a major component.

What Is Robotic Vision?     

Robotic Vision is an advanced technology that uses a combination of carefully-designed algorithms, temperature detection sensors, and camera hardware to allow robots to perceive the world around them visually. The equipment used varies in terms of complexity and design. For instance, both 2D and 3D cameras can be used to equip a robot with robotic vision. Similarly, the temperature detection sensors used also vary in complexity, depending on the application for which they are to be used. Robotic Vision is a pioneering technology that allows robots to identify, navigate, and inspect objects before performing any task. With robotics technology continually advancing, robotic vision technology also scales new heights each day.

What Is the Projected Value of the Robotic Vision Market?    

The global machine vision market, in general, has been witnessing rapid growth. It is already a multi-billion dollar market. Many studies project that the market will be valued at around $15 billion by 2024. The robotic vision market, specifically, is expected to be worth $520 million by 2020.

Many factors are working in favor of this market. For instance, the increased demand to ensure the safety of workers in various manufacturing industries will lead to a higher demand for robotic vision technology. Similarly, the growing demand for reliable and efficient operations across multiple niche sectors will further push the growth of this market.

Robotics Technology: The Eyes of Industry 4.0     

Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of things is a sophisticated technology that encompasses concepts like advanced automation, cloud computing, and machine learning. This technology holds great potential to revolutionize the way various industries currently work. It is believed that Industry 4.0 will reduce waste, decrease manufacturing costs, and enhance quality. Robotics vision will help make this a reality.

Robotics vision will play a key role in enhancing the functionality of automation systems that are an integral part of Industry 4.0. It is believed that robotics vision will allow robots to make use of the vast volume of data available to identify defective products and develop an understanding of the deficiencies identified. This development will lead to quick intervention and timely corrections. That apart, robotic vision will allow robots to be used for multiple other purposes, such as reading barcodes and scanners, checking for correct orientation of components, etc.

The Future of Robotics Vision

Currently, robotic vision is being used in pick and place applications. In these applications, the 3D robotic vision technology is used to detect the orientation of parts that need rectification. This technology is also being used for assembly and inspection in various sectors. However, the future of robotics vision lies in the area of vision-guided robotics or VGR. The advent of 3D robotic vision technology will allow robots to check for more than just the orientation of a part. It will enable robots to make real-time decisions based on the visual data available.

In the future, robotic vision can also play a pivotal role in the area of assisted living. Robots supported by potent visual sensors will be able to detect unusual movements and call for help in case of an injury or emergency. Another area where robotic vision technology will come handy is public stores and markets. In these areas, robots assisted by capable sensors can study buyer behavior and produce insightful data based on these observations. Robotics vision is a powerful technology capable of completely revolutionizing many different spheres of life.

Robotic Vision Is Important to Future Robotic Tech

In the years to come, artificial intelligence and robots will revolutionize the way humans live. It is vital to the future of robotic tech as it grants the power of vision to robots that will be able to accomplish tasks that require a visual understanding of their environment.

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