Will Satellites Provide Complete U.S. Mobile Coverage?

Mobile Experts delivered a new Expert INSIGHT that investigates mobile network options for the billions that need improved remote coverage at a reasonably low cost. The report answers the question, “Will satellites be the answer, or will terrestrial networks extend farther into rural areas?”

Satellite projects continue to grab the headline. At least $100B in capital investment is expected to launch the necessary infrastructure. Chief Analyst Joe Madden indicated that they are watching this satellite investment gold-rush and remembering when a similar wave of hype around satellite communications led to Satcom ventures declaring bankruptcy. SpaceX and Amazon are targeting more than the remote market and will also gain revenue from populated areas.

Madden, with more than 30 years of experience accurately predicted the rise of 5G Fixed Wireless, Small Cells, Digital Predistortion, and Remote Radio Heads. In the INSIGHT, he makes predictions about where satellite-based broadband can compete.

This report analyzes the cost structure for Starlink, Kuiper, OneWeb, and other public-access constellations and defines the cost breakdown of extending the mobile network to the entire U.S. For more about this report, click here.

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