World’s First 3D-Printed Bridge To Be Constructed Out Of Metal Over Amsterdam Canal

How safe would you feel driving around in a 3D-printed car or living in a 3D-printed home?

Well, Amsterdam 3D-printing lab, MX3D, led by designer Joris Laarman is planning on creating the unthinkable – a 3D-printed bridge created with metal, constructed in mid-air spanning over a historic Amsterdam canal.

Watch this quick visualization to get a better idea.

Laarman’s lab has been working on the machine that employs six-axis robots for a few years. In 2014, they actually demonstrated the technology behind it, so they know it works.

MX3D printing machine that employs six-axis robots
MX3D printing machine that employs six-axis robots

The printer isn’t quite like your traditional 3D-printer. Instead it prints right underneath itself, literally drawing in the middle of the air which cuts down on any limitations a 3D-printer normally endures.

MX3D is currently developing printing strategies for different kinds of printed lines: horizontal, vertical, spiral, or any kind that would be required for a specialized project like this one.

Laarman plans on building the bridge in just two months. Well, actually he plans to have a robot build the bridge with no human interference.

Once completed, MX3D predicts the bridge will span about 24 and really be able to support foot traffic over the canal.

Watch the 3D-printing technique in the video below.

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