Apple Sells Door Lock Opened by iPhone or Apple Watch

Exterior door locks have made their way to shelves in U.S. Apple stores that we can unlock with an Apple Watch or iPhone. With a price tag of $329 Level Lock+, made by Level Home, users can unlock and relock their homes with a tap using Apple Home Key, a feature that uses NFC and secure tokens in Apple’s software. Users can text keys to their friends or automate when the door is locked.

Apple initially announced the feature in 2021. This type of software feature makes it more difficult for Apple technology users to switch to Android-based phones.

Apple also announced Car Key, which unlocks supported cars from BMW and Hyundai, and Room Key, which puts hotel keys from chains such as Hyatt in Apple’s Wallet app. Apple’s iPhone integrates more deeply with vehicles through CarPlay and extends financial services to its users with Goldman Sachs.

Level won’t update the firmware on its old locks to support Home Key. For Home Key support, users will need the Level Lock+ sold at Apple stores or online.

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