KYOCERA AVX Salzburg and VisIC Technologies Expand GaN Collaboration

GaN is hot. There’s a dramatic interest in and collaboration on Galium Nitride (GaN) use in automotive apps. KYOCERA AVX and VisIC announced the expansion of their partnership to provide high-current components for such high-voltage apps as charging and e-drivetrain. The companies will combine their focus on packaging, assembly, and GaN wafer technologies to expand GaN products further.
The companies have also achieved an approach to high-voltage battery disconnection based on GaN power switches. Engineers can limit the battery and board net’s current and thermal stress by fast switching time.

The collaboration addresses the automotive industry’s demands for reliable and highly efficient power solutions to keep EV costs down. The best thermal resistance, discrete GaN devices, and half-bridge modules will be necessary for future On-Board-Chargers (OBC) and traction inverters, thus optimizing weight, size, costs, and driving range. Gallium nitride semiconductors are the key to efficiency improvements and increasing the driving range of electrified vehicles.

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