Are We Really Set Up for Widespread Electric Vehicle Adoption?

An EEDI Podcast

On this episode of the EEDI Podcast, we’re going to talk about the realities of electric vehicles.

Governments are making laws, end users are eager to buy, and private companies are investing, but what about the actual usability and potential of widespread adoption.

GM wants to stop selling gas and diesel vehicles by 2035. Over in Europe, Honda will only sell EVs and hybrids after this year. In just 8 years BMW is predicting that over half of its global sales will be battery cars. And Bentley is saying goodbye to tailpipes by 2030. That’s just a handful of examples.

We can push out all the electric vehicles we want, but if there’s no charging infrastructure– efficient charging infrastructure – in place and it doesn’t become easier to adopt into the home, then what’s the point?

Before we explore what needs to be done, why don’t we take a look at what’s happening around us to propel the shift to electric, perhaps prematurely.

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