Energy Efficient Automation at Hannover Messe

Energy efficient six-axis robot, the TVL from Toshiba Machine, will be displayed in action at this year’s Hannover Messe. As an industrial show, the Hannover Messe will demonstrate the latest in automation and robotics from April 1st to 5th, 2019. Exhibited by TM Robotics partner, Entek Otomasyon, the TVL500 model can be seen in Hall 21, stand E38.

The TVL is part of Toshiba Machine’s extensive six-axis robot selection. As a light weight and compact model, the TVL is known for its energy saving abilities. This robot is available as two models, the TVL500 and TVL700, which have arm reaches of 602 and 801mm respectively. At Hannover Messe, Entek Otomasyon will demonstrate the smaller model, the TVL500.

The TVL500 robot has been designed to expand Toshiba Machine’s offering of high productivity robots for assembly and pick and place applications. With a maximum payload of three kilograms and a standard cycle time of 0.4 seconds, this competitive automation is ideal for applications where high speeds and accuracy are necessary.

At Hannover Messe, Entek Otomasyon will exhibit the TVL500 in action, showing the machine loading and unloading a flat piece of sheet metal onto a bending press to demonstrate a real-life application for the robot.

“The energy saving ability of the TVL range is attributed to its light weight,” explained Nigel Smith, managing director of Toshiba Machine distributor, TM Robotics. “As a compact and vertically articulated model, robots from the TVL series can save on valuable space in the factory floor. In fact, it takes just a fraction of a typical robot’s footprint on a production line.

“The TVL500 is operated by Toshiba Machine’s TSL3100E controller, which is also lightweight and space saving. In a manufacturing environment increasingly reliant on saving space in production facilities, the combination of this controller and the TVL six-axis enables users to invest in efficient automation for the factory, without running out of room.”

Source TM Robotics
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