Five new VRPower integrated DrMOS power stage solutions

To meet the need for high-current, high-efficiency, and high-power-density performance in next-generation notebooks, ultrabooks, and desktops, Vishay Intertechnology introduced five new Vishay PowerPax LVRPower integrated DrMOS power stage solutions for multiphase POL regulator applications. Combining power MOSFETs, an advanced MOSFET gate driver IC, and a bootstrap Schottky diode in thermally enhanced 4.5 mm by 3.5 mm PowerPAK MLP4535-22L and 5 mm by 5 mm PowerPAK MLP55-31L packages, the Vishay Siliconix SiC530CD, SiC531CD, SiC532CD, SiC631CD, and SiC632CD offer a 45 % smaller footprint compared with discrete solutions. The devices’ high power density is optimized for computing platforms using the Intel Skylake platform. The devices are also suitable for industrial PC and high-current multiphase modules used in networking and industrial applications.

Today’s mobile and desktop platforms require higher currents than their predecessors, while consumers demand ever-smaller form factors. The integrated devices released today offer continuous current up to 30 A in the 4.5 mm by 3.5 mm PowerPAK MLP4535-22L package and 40 A in the 5 mm by 5 mm PowerPAK MLP55-31L package. In addition to their high-current capabilities and footprint savings, the power stages also lower package parasitics to enable switching frequencies up to 2 MHz — further shrinking the overall solution size and profile by reducing the size of the output filter. For high performance, the devices’ high- and low-side MOSFETs utilize Vishay’s state-of-the-art Gen IV TrenchFET technology to reduce switching and conduction losses. The power stages’ driver IC is compatible with a wide range of PWM controllers and supports tri-state PWM logic of 5 V.

The SiC530CD, SiC531CD, SiC532CD, SiC631CD, and SiC632CD are optimized for synchronous buck converters, DC/DC voltage regulation modules, and multiphase VRDs for CPUs, GPUs, and memory. To increase light-load efficiency in these applications, the devices’ driver IC incorporates diode emulation mode circuity and zero-current detect. An adaptive dead time control helps to further improve efficiency at all load points. To support PS4 mode light-load requirements for IMVP8, the power stages reduce current consumption to 5 µA when systems are operating in standby mode, and they can be woken from this state within 5 µs. Protection features for the RoHS-compliant, halogen-free devices include undervoltage lockout (UVLO).

Vishay Powerpax graphSamples and production quantities of the power stages are available now, with lead times of 10 weeks.

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