Gesture recognition software for AR smart glasses

A new generation of gesture interaction software has been launched by Crunchfish. This one-gesture software solution has been designed for interaction with any standard AR smart glasses enabling a new interaction method. It makes it possible for the user to control all functions in the glasses with only one gesture, similar to the touchscreen tap interaction.

The new product release tackles one of the major challenges in the adoption of AR solutions, namely the interaction, which is closely interlinked with usability.

One gesture controls all functions

A pointer tracks the hand and a pinch-gesture is used to activate the different functions in the AR glasses.

Examples of functions to control are zoom, drag & drop of objects, draw in the AR-view and start & stop a video call.

High similarity to present touchscreen interaction

The new solution is very similar to touchscreen interaction in that there is only one main gesture for all interaction. It also secures an important tactile feedback in each gesture.

Focus on user experience in AR is key to success

So far, AR projects have focused on technology to provide the AR experience rather than methods that allow users to better engage with the content. It is crucial to include the user experience to secure confidence in AR and avoid project failure. The industry organisation AREA defines user experience as one of the top five challenges in roll-out of AR-solutions.

Neural networks and AI important parts of the solution

The new product release was made possible through technological advances by Crunchfish’s development team in the field of neural networks and AI. In the new product, software and algorithms are faster and more accurate in detecting hand movements and fingers position, which opens up a number of new use cases.

Source Crunchfish
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