Go Modern with Unified Storage-as-a-Service Subscription

The data solutions provider for innovators, Pure Storage, has announced the expansion of its Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) to provide customers with a unified subscription model across hybrid environments. This allows organizations to leverage Pure Storage’s storage-as-a-service model on-premises, hosted and in the cloud, without the need to manage multiple subscriptions or purchase separate or overlapping capacity.

Additionally, Pure Storage announced ES2 for backup data, architected to modernize data protection environments with a flash-to-flash-to cloud architecture. Pure’s ES2 now provides best-in-class storage as-a-service for block, file, object, and backup data.

Successful, modern organizations must be able to quickly and easily leverage all of the infrastructure tools at their disposal to differentiate in today’s highly competitive, data-driven market. For many, this means aligning application workloads with the most effective cloud infrastructure and the ability to glean value from data regardless of where that data lives.

Further enabling mobility between on-premises, co-located or hosted, and public cloud environments, a unified ES2 subscription allows customers to simply move all or any portion of their pay-per-use block storage capacity between environments without any adjustments to their contract.

Robson Grieve, Chief Marketing Officer, Pure Storage, said: “The move to the cloud requires a level of flexibility that traditional vendors aren’t ready to provide, and Pure is focused on leading the market with and approach that doesn’t lock IT investment in capital expenditures that only serve on-premises architectures.

“Now, Pure customers can stop purchasing CAPEX immediately with an on-premises ES2 subscription and gain the flexibility of true OPEX, pay-per-use consumption. Then, over time – with a concrete plan and strategy – organizations can move portions of that subscription to the cloud safely and easily, without any additional cost from Pure.

Pure Storage’s unified hybrid cloud storage as-a-service makes moves to the cloud easier, faster, and less risky by providing an integrated set of tools and APIs under a common subscription model that helps customers deploy storage with more flexibility, less complexity and less cost. This allows customers to begin their hybrid journey anywhere on the spectrum and move their data in any direction without additional resources.

Additionally, it gives users the power to easily and rapidly deploy cloud infrastructure to reduce cost and increase agility, as well as test new configurations before full deployment by moving data without the hassle of new contracts or subscriptions.

Eric Burgener, Research Vice President for Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC, added: “For Pure Storage customers, this offering completes the hybrid cloud picture. With Cloud Block Store, Pure is bringing enterprise functionality to the public cloud. With ES2 on-premises, Pure brought the public cloud experience to traditional storage.

“Now, unification of the subscription model completes the picture for Pure customers today and tomorrow. Offerings like this one deliver a seamless hybrid cloud environment, with a common cloud experience, across all locations.”

ES2 subscribers will soon be able to leverage this unified approach with Pure Cloud Block Store, industrial-strength block storage that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Designed to enable mission-critical applications to run seamlessly in the cloud, Cloud Block Store is currently in limited beta and will be generally available in the second half of 2019. To-date, beta customers have leveraged Cloud Block Store across a range of industries, from retail and finance to clinical medicine, to handle a variety of workloads.

Mid America Clinical Laboratories (MACL) is the largest clinical lab in Indiana, with more than 30 patient service centers located across the state. Today, MACL is using Cloud Block Store to establish a more strategic disaster recovery strategy for the cloud.

Mark Ballard, Chief Information Officer for MACL, said: “Cloud Block Store (CBS) significantly simplifies our journey to the cloud. Our goal is to use the cloud as a disaster recovery target to reduce our physical footprint without any change in end-user experience for our patients and clinicians.

“CBS allows us to easily replicate data from our on-premises to the cloud with Pure’s built-in asynchronous replication technology and simplifies our overall DR strategy with an easy-to-use, cost-optimized solution.”

Pure Storage’s new Evergreen Storage Service (ES2) for Modern Data Protection harnesses the combined power of Pure FlashBlade and Pure ObjectEngine to modernize data protection beyond the disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) approach historically offered with purpose-built backup appliance-based (PBBA) architectures.

Pure Storage’s new storage as-a-service solution, which complements leading third party backup products, combines compelling backup performance and storage efficiency with extreme and predictable recovery performance compared to traditional PBBAs.

With ES2 for data protection organizations can save money through flexible infrastructure and cloud economics, and maximize data reuse by eliminating the backup data silos that legacy D2D2T approaches create.

Pure Storage also introduced Pure1 VM Analytics, a cloud-based full stack performance analytics tool to help IT storage admins quickly identify the root cause of performance issues. Pure1 VM Analytics is available for free trial, with no Pure Storage hardware required.

Customers with large, complex IT infrastructure across thousands of VMs and arrays often encounter application performance issues due to lack of visibility across the stack. With Pure1 VM Analytics, customers have the benefit of visibility across their storage and VMs through a single pane of glass to more quickly identify and address performance bottlenecks.

Organizations that experience storage latency issues with competitive offerings can leverage a free trial of VM Analytics from Pure to gain visibility across VMs, hosts, volumes, data stores and storage, quickly identify bottlenecks with a graphical map of the entire infrastructure, and filter problematic VMs or arrays. VM Analytics supports hybrid cloud infrastructure, which allows customers to use storage and VMs in a private or public cloud.

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