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Regional Supplier Award North America 2018

It has been announced that Molex has been named a recipient of the prestigious Bosch Regional Supplier of the Year North America award for 2018. The award recognizes Molex’s performance, product portfolio and customer commitment.

“It’s truly an honor for Molex to receive this recognition from Bosch, a valued customer and long-term partner,” said Carrieanne Piccard, Vice President and General Manager, Transportation Solutions, Molex. “Maintaining strong ties and close collaboration is important as we work together to develop innovative solutions that create mutual benefit.”

Molex was one of 17 global recipients of the award from among Bosch’s 17,000-member partner base. The program tracks suppliers over the course of two years evaluating products, company culture and supplier relationship. Molex received recognition based on four key points:

  • Excellent metrics performance in the delivery and quality of engineering, technical, and commercial solutions.
  • A diverse product portfolio that supports a global footprint.
  • Superior performance in both technical reviews and product development Crazy 4 Success events.
  • Commitment to Bosch and perseverance in the face of adversity, including spearheading studies like EPD Moisture Absorption and developing enhancements to the T93 design and process.

“Bosch’s success in North America is based on competitiveness, high standards, and innovative ideas,” said Stephan Boehm, Vice President of Corporate Purchasing and Logistics at Bosch. “We can only achieve these qualities by strong collaboration with our best performing suppliers in the region – our top partners, like Molex.”

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