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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a… Drone Bullet

A company called AerialX has been working on a complete solution to counter drone threats.

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, AerialX designed and manufactured high-end unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). AerialX’s industry-leading development team focuses on constantly innovating and pushing boundaries in the rapidly changing counter-UAS industry.

AerialX can counter the threat posed by small drones, a threat that’s ever present with the increase of retail and custom-made drones in the sky. The AerialX technology was designed to defeat every kind of drone. Its suite of constantly evolving technologies is at the fingertips of its clients, allowing them to stay ahead of developing threats.

According to the company. the system’s detection capabilities easy-to-use and can locate drone transmitters and help law enforcement stop a pilot. In order to do this, micro radio detectors automatically upload detection alerts to the cloud to map locations of pilots and their aircraft.

The counter drone device serves serves a variety of purposes:

  1. Find targets by listening for RF signatures with mobile receivers.
  2. Take down threats autonomously by leveraging machine vision. Development currently in stealth mode.
  3. Extract data, analyze it in the field, get actionable intelligence.

From the AerialX Forensics Field-kit, with its dual RF receivers, you can detect and display video that’s being captured from nearby drones. Detected video feeds can then be recorded locally or to the cloud as evidence of what the drone was looking at. On-screen overlays, standard on many drone models, can be parsed as searchable text for detailed data analysis.

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