Octonion Unveils AI Expansion Package Optimized for STM32 MCUs

Deep-tech software company Octonion announced an STM32Cube expansion package optimized for STM32L4+ MCU-based industrial-application development boards. The package supports the development of Artificial Intelligence-based applications running on STM32 MCUs and MPUs, in condition-based-monitoring and predictive-maintenance segments.

Highlights of Octonion’s I-CUBE-OCTMI package include:

  • A self-care system running on STM32 ultra-low power MCUs, powered by Octonion’s Edge AI engine, automatically learns, inspects, and monitors the health of industrial equipment throughout its operating life.
  • Optimization for STM32L4+ development boards including a range of ST’s industrial-grade sensors and connectivity features, starting from the STWIN SensorTile Wireless Industrial Node. Octonion’s AI engine, in an unsupervised mode, continuously analyzes data from an accelerometer to handle vibration analysis for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • The engine learns operational modes locally on the MCU to fine-tune the embedded Octonion Machine Intelligence algorithm. No prior knowledge of the equipment or existing dataset is necessary.
  • With all the computation done at the Edge, no data is sent outside, circumventing privacy issues.

The expansion pack provides access to two ready-to-use algorithms: Instant Analyser for fast-response equipment-health analysis and Wize Analyzer for equipment with frequent operational-mode changes. It also detects spike anomalies and extended dynamic state anomalies on motors of a variety of power classes, including small BLDC, PMSM motors, or huge turbines.

The I-CUBE-OCTMI commercial license features free usage for evaluation and non-commercial purposes. Package information and download is found at https://intelligence.octonion.com/st-expansion.

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