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Partnership to Deliver Digital Pathology Solutions

A consortium of five companies, including TietoEVRY and Hyland Healthcare, have partnered to deliver PATOS to Region Västra Götaland (VGR) – a digital pathology solution that enables improved cancer diagnostics and patient treatment.

Region Västra Götaland, serving 1.6 million citizens, was the first region in Sweden to establish a coordinated effort for digital processes across its pathology units. The agreement is currently in year five of an initial ten-year contract and includes an option for VGR to extend the relationship for another ten years.

The transformation and consolidation of pathology business is driving the need for solutions that can deliver the speed, quality, and accuracy of diagnoses that pathologists, patients and healthcare needs. By understanding the value that digital pathology brings to the table, TietoEVRY and Hyland can combine and leverage their unique offerings into one Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to deliver services covering the fully digital diagnostic process. Our solution enables our customers to keep control over their data which minimizes their dependency on external providers.

PATOS is a solution delivered by TietoEVRY, integrating technology infrastructure, instrumentation and diagnostic analysis from a consortium of five partnering companies of which Hyland is one. Hyland’s Acuo vendor neutral archive (VNA) and NilRead enterprise viewer are central components of the solution providing both storage and management of digital pathology images. Hyland’s solution will also contribute with functionality for the industry standard, DICOM, formatting the images that are produced by scanning the slides, ensuring the interoperability and full flexibility for the digital pathology solution in the future.

“Hyland has been a good partner in this solution, and we are very happy to continue looking for ways to deepen our collaboration. With digital pathology, there is an ever-increasing need for improved image resolution and that is creating demands on storage capacity. Effectively storing a growing number of these images is a key challenge where TietoEVRY as a Nordic leader of infrastructure offerings can provide a cost-efficient storage solution for the digital images,” said Patric Nilson, Head of Healthcare Solutions and Specialist Products, TietoEVRY.

Hyland´s Acuo VNA can manage larger data sets at higher speeds than traditional archive systems, a must for pathology images that are several times larger than typical radiology studies. The vendor-neutrality of Acuo also allows pathology images to be stored and accessed alongside other types of imaging studies, providing added convenience and enhancing diagnosis.

NilRead’s digital viewer mimics the microscope-based pathology environment, providing a familiar user experience for clinicians. Furthermore, NilRead’s advanced streaming capabilities enable remote reading of specimens, increasing the speed with which pathologists can deliver a meaningful diagnosis.

TietoEVRY’s Lifecare Pathology LIMS supports a fully digital pathology process, both the laboratory process and the diagnostics, including possible integrations with viewers and image analysis.

“Digital pathology is an emerging area in medical imaging and TietoEVRY and Hyland Healthcare are at the forefront of delivering working solutions that address the modern healthcare landscape. By helping pathologists accelerate analysis via digitisation, we’re helping them make quicker diagnoses and potentially save lives.  It’s rewarding when technology has a very real human impact,” added Mark Groesch, Director of EMEA Sales at Hyland Healthcare.

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