Portable photo printer lets you print augmented reality pictures that move

When you print a photo from an ordinary printer, the people and object in them are typically stationary, but LifePrint has developed a wireless photo printer that lets you print pictures that can move once placed in front of your smart phone.

LifePrint’s “Hyperphoto” mode embeds video into any printed photo allowing users to print GIFs, Apple “Live” photos, or just any video, so it looks like an ordinary picture until you place it in front of your phone, where it comes to life on the screen.

Watch a photo come to life in the video below.

The printer and accompanying app also come equipped with typical wireless photo printing capabilities like photo aggregation and social media syncing. LifePrint’s battery charges in about one hour and lasts long enough to print about 20 photos (printing time about 30 seconds).  The camera uses Zink technology similar to that of a Polaroid, so the photo paper pulls the color straight from the film.

LifePrint has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production. Currently, backers can reserve a printer for an early-bird rate of $159.




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