VARTA Expands CoinPower Li-Ion Micro Battery Series

The VARTA Microbattery/VARTA Storage group of companies announced that its subsidiary,  VARTA Microbattery GmbH, has expanded the CoinPower Series of lithium-ion rechargeable micro batteries to further enhance design flexibility, manufacturing efficiencies and cost effectiveness in Bluetooth, wireless, wearable, industrial and medical applications.   Now consisting of  CP 1254 A2, CP 1654 A2 and CP VARTA.CP_6 L1454 A3 parts, the series supports a voltage level of 3.7 V and capacities of 50 mAh, 100 mAh, and 85 mAh, respectively.  Devices boast six patents including the iLock system, which together with an efficient circular form factor, facilitates an energy density of up to 30% higher than any comparable micro battery now available.

The series features low self-discharge and reliable signal transmission at high pulse loads to ensure unparalleled dependability, an extended shelf life of more than one year, and a fast charge capability to provide hours of battery life in just 15 minutes of charging.  Additionally, these button cells may be recharged over 500 full cycles while maintaining at least 80% of their initial capacity.

VARTA’s CoinPower Series of Li-ion rechargeable micro batteries meets the safety, reliability, size and weight requirements of a broad spectrum of applications, including stereo and mono Bluetooth headsets, notebook bridging, wearable fitness monitoring and training devices,  wireless sensor networks,  energy harvesting backup, and medical and healthcare equipment, e.g., including insulin pumps.  The series is also suitable for employment in smart watches, digital and analog watches, electronic games and car keys.

Button cells are provided in diameters ranging from 12.1 mm to 16.1 mm, and weigh from 1.6 g to 3.2 g.  All parts measure 5.4 mm high.  They use the CC/CV (constant current-constant voltage) charging method and exhibit virtually no swelling over lifetime due to their dent and scratch resistant stainless steel case.  The CP 1254 A2 and CP 1654 A2 cells are certified to IEC 62133 and UN 38.3 standards, whereas the CP 1454 A3 cells’ certification is pending.

Firm pricing is determined according customers’ specifications; minimum order quantities start at 500 pieces.  Delivery is 8 to 12 week ARO.

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