Watch 540 robots ring in the Chinese New Year

What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with 540 dancing robots and 29 drones?

The dancing robots appeared at China’s Spring Festival Gala in south China’s Guangdong Province over the weekend.

Each of the dancing robot is about 16 inches tall and weighed just over 3 pounds. For their performance, they were equipped with 16 steering engines that allowed them to make joint movements effortlessly like a human would. Each of the robots’ dance movements was designed to go along with the song in unison. In addition to the robots, a series of 29 drones flew overhead during the performance.

“It’s difficult to combine robots’ dance with music perfectly. Robots’ fists should be waving when the song singing ‘dash, dash and dash’, meaning that we need to join music beats and motions perfectly. Therefore, it puts forward higher requirements to the dancing programming. Different from the programming in the past with only one motion in one piece of music, there are 12 sets of motions in this song. So we need to grasp the rhythm to take on uniform motions,” said Li Chao, the man in charge of the robots, to Chinese news station CCTV+, where the video first appeared.

Watch the robots celebrate! And Happy New Year!


Story via Engadget.

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