When You Drop a Phone From 103,000 Feet Above the Earth…

And it still works!

In a crazy stunt, Chinese manufacturer, Vivo, attached its recently released gaming phone, the iQOO to a helium-filled balloon and launched it up into the air.

And guess what?

When it was recovered, it was still fully functional.

The iQOO smartphone that features a Qualcomm Xiaolong 855 flagship processor, 44W flash charge, super liquid cooling, 4D game shock 2.0 + game surround sound, and a Monster Touch pressure button.

How they did it

The company used a helium-filled balloon to transport the phone. It managed to survive the air pressure changes, extreme altitude, and below-freezing temperatures (-68 degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact).

The phone was released once it hit 103,000 feet (18 miles).

The team then had to send drones to locate the phone. Once located, you’ll see in the video, the camera was still recording and there was only minimal damage done to what appears to be the screen protector.

You have to see it to believe it. Check out the video below.



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