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AP Memory’s VHM—The 3D integration of DRAM and Logic

AP Memory Technology announced a successful demonstration of Very High-bandwidth Memory (VHM), a 3D integration of DRAM and logic chips. The combined chip features effective memory bandwidth of more than 10x that of HBM, and a memory capacity of more than 4GB, 5-10x the maximum on-die SRAM capacity on 7nm logic technology.

AP Memory’s VHM includes customized DRAM design and logic-DRAM VHM LInK interface IP. Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing provided customized DRAM foundry service and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing provided logic and 3D stacking foundry services. The customer, Whalechip Co. Ltd., is a fabless semiconductor and system solutions provider dedicated to technological innovation.

True 3D technology puts multiple chips directly on top of one another with vertical connections. With 2.5D technology, the number of lateral connections made through a silicon interposer limits memory bandwidth. In contrast, with 3D technology, the vertical connections are practically unlimited, so that 3D integration of logic and DRAM enables memory bandwidth far beyond what’s possible with 2.5D, while reducing power consumption dramatically.

This 3D technology enables unprecedented DRAM bandwidth, which is critical to bandwidth hungry applications such as AI, networking, and graphics.

Original Release: PR Newswire

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