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Innovative multi-part kit featuring filtering tone and probe tester


A new filtered probe and tone generator kit from Fluke Networks for network testing has been released by Conrad Business Supplies. Tracing network cables can be challenging due to interference from several sources including mains power cables, fans, lighting and more. The kit contains a Pro3000F filtered probe and a Pro3000 Tone Generator that, together, make cable tracing easy and reliable.

The Pro3000F probe features innovative filter technology to eliminate 50Hz signal interference in all types of environment. As well as the fundamental, the probe also filters the harmonics, resulting in a much cleaner signal with no ‘buzz’. Technicians can easily switch between the filtered and unfiltered modes with the push of a button and a loud speaker allows easy use in hard-to-reach locations such as behind panels or in drywall. A built in auto-off feature ensures that battery life is conserved and the ability to replace the tip ensures a long service life.

The probe is even more valuable when paired with the Pro3000 Tone Generator that allows for direct connection to RJ-type jacks or unterminated wires. Using the inbuilt SmartTone technology, up to five separate and distinct tones can be sent to allow precise pair identification at distances of up to 16km (10mi). The Pro3000 also offers basic continuity testing and line polarity confirmation.

Joost Meeuwis, EMEA Field Marketing Manager, Fluke Networks stated: “Our new Pro3000F toner and probe kit really stops the buzz. It helps customers find cables faster with clear and precise toning. The new probe utilizes innovative filter to obstruct the 50Hz interference that so often makes it hard to trace toning signals.”

Julian Magnano, Head of Product Groups Measurement, Environmental Measurement, Power Supplies at Conrad Business Supplies added: “We are excited to be adding this product to our network test range. This innovative design will make the work of network technicians much easier and, coming from a respected brand such as Fluke, we know it will be robust and reliable.”

Source Conrad Business Supplies

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