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Intel flies 100 drones at once, sets Guinness World Record

While everyone is checking out the newest gadgets at CES, Intel decided it would show off some of its behind-the-scenes innovations centered around drones.

The drone light show. (Image via Intel iQ)
The drone light show. (Image via Intel iQ)

During his keynote speech, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, showed off a video recorded two months prior in Germany. The video displayed 100 drones taking flight at once, earning the display, coined “Drone 100” by the company, an entry into the Guinness  Book of World Records for the most UAVs airborne at the same time.

A team of 15 people from the Futurlab arranged the spectacle, working on every aspect of design, from engineers who developed the software that allowed the drones to follow flight paths to those who made sure the lights turned on and off in keeping with the orchestra music.

“The goal for Intel was to combine curiosity with innovation to show what’s possible for UAVs, Intel teammate Natalie Cheung told Intel iQ.

The result was an artistic display of drones that looked more like fireworks lighting up the sky. Watch the Intel video below to see it all come together.

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