ROHM Solution Simulator Adds Free Thermal Analysis

ROHM added a thermal analysis function to its ROHM Solution Simulator, targeting designers in the automotive and industrial markets. The addition enables designers to collectively verify power devices and driver IC thermal issues on different solution circuits. Accurate verification of ROHM products is now much easier.

The simulator addition is ideal for applications where dealing with heat is an issue. PTC heaters for electric vehicles without internal combustion engines, for example, equipped with IGBTs and shunt resistors, DC/DC converter ICs and LED drivers to meet the demand for temperature simulation during circuit operation. 

This is the first simulator in the industry enabling web-based electrically and thermally coupled

analysis of the semiconductor chip (junction) temperature during operation and pin

temperatures and thermal interference of board components on solutions circuits that include both

power semiconductors and ICs along with passive components. You can now perform analysis that previously took one full day in approximately ten minutes (100x faster than conventional methods).


Find the simulator at:

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