Watch how many microSD cards this gamer fits in a Rubik’s Cube

After watching the movie trailer for the upcoming film Snowden, based on the former CIA employee who leaked classified information to the media a few years back, YouTuber and professional gamer “AntVenom” decided to conduct a little experiment.

AntVenom, whose real name is Taylor, writes on his YouTube channel:

“I did this because of the recent trailer for Snowden movie, where it is shown that a microSD card was hidden in the tile of the edge piece of a Rubik’s Cube. I wanted to take it a step further.”


So he decided to shove a whole bunch of microSD cards into a Rubik’s Cube. What he discovered (spoiler alert) was that with 6+ mSD cards in each of the 12 edges, you could fit 72+ 128GB microSD cards in one Rubik’s cube. He works it out in less technical terms to 156 microSD cards.

According to AntVenom, it was recently announced that there is a 200 GB microSD card on the market now, which means that you could potentially store 31.2 terabytes of data inside of one Rubick’s Cube.

Watch him take o the challenge in the video below.


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