Transform the Future of Self-Care Innovation Contest Winner

Bittium Wearable Platform with Philips EmoGraphy & CardioSense solution has been awarded as one of the five winners in the innovation contest ‘Transform the future of Self-Care’, organized by the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare.

In the winning solution Bittium integrated Philips EmoGraphy and Philips VitalSigns Optical technologies into a wearable device that calculates stress levels by measuring cortisol contribution from skin conductance. This device will also monitor heart rate and provide predictions of a person’s future stress level an hour ahead.

“We are truly honored for being recognized by GSK and selecting our Bittium Wearable Platform with Philips EmoGraphy & VitalSigns Optical solution as winner of the GSK Transforming the Future of Self-Care Challenge in the Digital Health Technologies category”, said Jani Lyrintzis, Bittium USA Vice President and General Manager.

“The solution can be tailored for different user needs and objectives, and utilizes unique sensor technology and algorithms from Philips, not only to measure the user’s current emotional fitness and stress level, but also predicting the user’s future stress level, giving the user an opportunity to proactively influence in their physical and emotional state and well-being.”

People seeking a better work-life balance are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of how stress is affecting their life. They realize that emotional fitness is at least as important as physical fitness – and one certainly cannot have one without the other. To measure and analyze emotional fitness Bittium has developed Bittium Wearable Platform that consists of a wearable device ‘BitWear’ and an intelligent analytics tool ‘SafeMove Analytics’.

Philips EmoGraphy and Philips VitalSigns Optical technologies have been integrated into a BitWear wearable device. Philips EmoGraphy SW measures stress level and calculates cortisol contribution from skin conductance. Philips VitalSigns Optical SW completes the measured data by adding parameters from the Heart Rate sensor.

With measured data, users are able to practice self-care and optimize their cognitive performance accordingly to maximize their performance and safety. Beyond only monitoring the current situation, Philips EmoGraphy SW is also adding a prediction on a person’s future stress an hour ahead. Thus, persons are able to proactively influence on their emotional state and well-being. Measured sensor data is shown to user in real time on BitWear display, on mobile phone application and is also available for further analysis from SafeMove Analytics.

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